Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery

As the beauty queen Haifa Wehbe surely gains a lot of attention, this is why her career as a singer quickly rises up even when she is still young. She has won many awards in her career, proving her ability on stage. Of course, this attracts people’s attention, which surely makes her fans proud of… [Read More]

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery

Gordon Ramsay Plastic Surgery Gordon Ramsay’s cooking must be very delicious since he could spread his restaurant chain outside Britain. Moreover, he also gets to be in charge of several television programs involving cooking and competition. Surely, with his television appearance, he would become more famous. But fame means more people would pay attention to… [Read More]

Gloria Borger Plastic Surgery

Gloria Borger is better known for her news regarding the political situation in the country. She is very clever in delivering knowledge and situations in a way that allows all people to understand them better. This is why she was able to get great work in the journalism industry. Moreover, she also has a lot… [Read More]

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery

Glenn Close’s career has been around for decades, which is why she is considered one of the best actresses of her era and today. Her talent brings her acting to television in some series, movies in several films, and some Broadway roles. This is why you would not need to doubt her ability at all…. [Read More]

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery

Working as a model has made Gisele Bundchen the first model from Brazil who could work outside the country and go internationally. This is why she is considered a pioneer in her country, which enables other models to work internationally as well. Moreover, her international career also received huge success, so she created a new… [Read More]

Gerri Willis Plastic Surgery

As someone who always appears on television, Gerri Willis has surely gained a lot of attention lately. She has her own program and occasionally appears on several other programs. That way she has become more popular every year. Moreover, she has business analysis ability, which makes people trust her even more. That is why she… [Read More]

Gelsey Kirkland Plastic Surgery

Living in the world of ballerinas is not an easy task, at least that described by Gelsey Kirkland. That is why she has struggled all her life to become the best ballerina ever, who has appeared in many important roles. She even gets some roles as the first ballerina to perform them, so she creates… [Read More]

Gauri Khan Plastic Surgery

When you hear the name Gauri Khan, some of you might not know who she is since she is not a celebrity. However, this lady always comes around the world of celebrity since she is the wife of Shah Rukh Khan. She also works as a Bollywood producer and interior designer. This makes her gain… [Read More]

Gabrielle Union Plastic Surgery

Gabrielle Union is a very beautiful model; she has been featured in many magazines. However, she also has other acting talent, so she could star in many movies, which surely differed from her previous work as a model. Even in her new work, she finds success really fast, which is why she was able to… [Read More]

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery

Eva Mendes’s career only began in the late nineties; however, her name quickly rose to fame in a matter of years. And she has become one of the most well-known actresses everyone adores. Of course, that also has something to do with her talent in acting. However, most people consider that her ethnic beauty is… [Read More]